Krista Garland, MSW


Open Palmetto, Florida Therapist

Everyone has a story. Perhaps you’re currently in a place within your own life’s story that is challenging, overwhelming, or deeply painful. Whatever it is that’s going on, engaging in therapy can be so helpful: to have someone listen to you without judgment, to have someone offer a shift in perspective, to simply have someone in your corner rooting for you.

I approach therapy with an open, caring, and down-to-earth perspective so that we can build a genuine and authentic connection. While I often pull from CBT, SFT, and DBT therapies; I will center our sessions around you as an individual with your own unique set of goals. Therapy is most effective when you feel comfortable to share the uncomfortable. I will be there throughout the entire process, respecting your autonomy and offering gentle guidance. I look forward to meeting with you and joining you in re-writing this next chapter of your story.