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Individual Therapy

We know that therapy has negative connotations or stigma surrounding it that makes many people hesitate to reach out to our team. You may be worried about taking the first step to schedule a visit with us. But, if you’ve been struggling with difficult emotions, negative thinking, impulsive behaviors, or other issues, counseling may be the answer you’re looking for. When you’re ready to talk, reach out to the Manatee Associates of Counseling & Assessment for individual therapy in Palmetto, FL.

Why Should I Consider Therapy?

If you’re struggling with a complex emotion, working toward personal growth, having difficulty managing stress, navigating a challenging transition, or struggling in your relationships, therapy may be beneficial. You don’t need a specific diagnosis or referral to benefit from therapy, but some of the common concerns we can help people work through include:

What Happens During Individual Therapy Sessions?

One of the main benefits of individual therapy is that it can be completely customized to meet your needs. When you visit our office for the first time, we’ll discuss the concerns that brought you to the office, your goals and expectations for therapy, and how we can help you achieve the desired results. From there, we’ll discuss current concerns as they arise. You’ll also learn and practice skills for coping with difficult emotions and situations. Our goal is always to help our clients to heal and make positive progress toward an achievable result. The way we accomplish this goal will vary from person to person, but the outcome is the same – you get to lead a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Let’s Get Started!

We know it can be intimidating to take this next step to schedule an appointment with our team. You may have had negative experiences with therapy in the past, you may be worried about stigma surrounding counseling, or you may just be worried. We get it. The good news is we can help you put some of those worries aside and start feeling like yourself again. When you’re ready, the Manatee Associates of Counseling & Assessment team is here for you.