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Conflict Resolution

Do you avoid conflict at all costs, constantly get pulled into the same fights with loved ones and friends, have a child who won’t stop arguing with you, or otherwise have difficulty resolving disputes with the people in your life? If any of these scenarios sound like they’re describing your life, it may be time to consider scheduling conflict resolution therapy in Palmetto, FL at Manatee Associates of Counseling & Assessment. Our therapists can help you understand how to navigate complex situations and resolve those arguments once and for all.

Why Would I Need Conflict Resolution Therapy?

Few people relish the idea of conflict, but actually, it’s beneficial in a variety of situations. Two people with opposing views talking through their conflicting ideas can lead to growth, change, invention, and exploration. When you care enough to fight for something or with someone, that means it matters to you. It’s important to remember that the person you’re in conflict with feels the same way. Finding ways to skillfully and successfully navigate conflicts while respecting the person you disagree with, is an essential part of life.

However, the necessary skill to navigate conflicts does not come naturally to most people. Instead, conflict resolution is learned. Those who don’t have good examples of conflict resolution to learn from may find themselves struggling to work through issues later in life. If any of the following sounds like you, it might be time to consider conflict resolution therapy:

  • You avoid conflict at all costs
  • Disagreeing with people makes you feel bad, so you just “go along to get along”
  • Your child, partner, or friend is always arguing with you, and you can’t seem to resolve the situation
  • You know that a conflict shouldn’t bother you, but you can’t seem to let it go
  • Your emotions feel out of control when you’re fighting, and you can’t seem to focus or remember why you started arguing

What Should I Expect from Conflict Resolution Therapy?

People have many healthy and unhealthy ways of settling conflict. Some people just avoid those who disagree with them for a period of time until they have a chance to forget about the conflict and move one. While taking a breather to let cooler heads prevail may be beneficial, just ignoring conflict doesn’t mean it goes away. Even if you and your friend or loved one aren’t talking about the conflict, it’s going to be there waiting below the surface of your interactions. Chances are, one or both of you will feel resentful, and you may even find the other person feels that you don’t value them and their opinions enough to work through the issue.

Other people take the opposite approach to handling conflict. They don’t want to let the subject go until the other person agrees with them (or says they do) to make the argument stop. Still others say the issue doesn’t bother them because it’s easier than continuing the argument. While you may agree that these ways of handling conflict are less than ideal, you might find yourself wondering – “How else do I handle conflict?” That’s how therapy can help. Your counselor understands the underlying issues that lead to unresolved conflict, and we can help you develop skills to navigate conflict in all areas of your life.

What Happens During Conflict Resolution Therapy?

During conflict resolution therapy, we will spend our time focusing on finding solutions for the conflicts you’re struggling to resolve. This may involve practicing discussions, learning skills for conflict resolution, and finding the root causes of your conflicts. We’ll also encourage you to take what you’re learning out into the world and practice the new conflict resolution skills you’re developing. The first lesson – and possibly the most important – is that you are the only person in the conflict who you can control. Trying to force someone else to agree with you or go along with what you want is a recipe for unresolved conflict. Instead, it’s important to accept that resolving conflict isn’t about changing someone else’s mind. It’s about finding a solution that provides benefit for both parties in conflict.

Let’s Get Started!

We know it can be intimidating to take this next step to schedule an appointment with our team. You may have had negative experiences with therapy in the past, you may be worried about stigma surrounding counseling, or you may just be worried. We get it. The good news is we can help you put some of those worries aside and start feeling like yourself again. When you’re ready, the Manatee Associates of Counseling & Assessment team is here for you.