Dr. Amanda Wheeler


Helpful Palmetto, FL Therapist

Life can seem like it’s full of fast-paced demands and expectations which can cause us to “just go through the motions” to get through. Unexpected change or hardships can cause us to feel as if we’ve traded the joys of living for simply surviving. To experience adversity is to be human, but in times of adversity, we can feel disconnected from our purpose and authentic selves. Sometimes, we need genuine empathetic support in our journey towards healing and personal growth.

I have a sincere interest and passion in the holistic wellness of human beings including psychological, emotional, and spiritual health. I take a client-centered approach to therapy and emphasize a therapeutic relationship full of empathy and authenticity. I provide an inclusive calm setting supporting introspection and personal growth. By utilizing a strengths-based approach, I aim to help build your strengths and potential to overcome challenges in life. I encourage hope as a factor in psychological wellness while providing guidance towards meaning making and deeper understanding and acceptance of self.

In therapy, I utilize humanistic, psychodynamic, trauma-focused, cognitive-behavioral, and mindfulness approaches. I specialize in working with children, adolescents, and young adults who have experienced trauma, anxiety, depression, negative self-perception, low distress tolerance, suicidality, grief, life dissatisfaction, substance use problems, parental distress, parent-child relational problems, and relationship or communication issues.

Growth happens when forces work together for positive change. Together, we can be the forces for your personal growth, improved self-perception, deeper self-understanding, and greater self-acceptance.