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Social Anxiety Disorder Counseling

Does the thought of going out to see friends or loved ones fill you with dread? If you had to meet with your boss at work, would you break out in sweats? Would you worry about messing up and being humiliated if someone was watching you work? Social anxiety disorder is a form of anxiety that involves feeling worried, anxious, self-conscious, or judged when interacting with other people. While we may all experience similar feelings in high pressure situations, those with social anxiety may find any interaction as stressful and anxiety inducing as a big job interview or giving a speech to a crowd. At Manatee Associates of Counseling & Assessment, we offer therapy for social anxiety disorder in our Palmetto, FL practice to help people decrease the symptoms of social anxiety and start living a more satisfying life.

What is Social Anxiety Disorder?

Social anxiety disorder is a specific form of anxiety that relates to a person’s experience interacting with others in a range of situations – work, school, and personal settings. Those with social anxiety disorder may find it difficult to engage with other people, which can lead to struggles developing and maintaining healthy relationships. And social anxiety can negatively impact an individual’s ability to perform job functions and succeed in other areas.

What are the Symptoms of Social Anxiety?

If you struggle with social anxiety disorder, you may be experiencing any combination of the following symptoms:

  • Extreme distress in situations where you may receive criticism (or feedback of any kind)
  • Difficulty handling being teased or kidded by others
  • Feeling you’re being judged if someone happens to be watching you complete a task
  • Experiencing extreme fear or worry about public speaking
  • Struggling with anxiety when meeting people who are in authority
  • Not fitting in or finding a place in social settings
  • Getting easily embarrassed
  • Inability to make eye contact
  • Expecting to be humiliated or viewed negatively by others

How Does Therapy Help with Social Anxiety?

Social anxiety can significantly limit what you feel able to do each day, but therapy can help you develop the skills to cope with the negative effects of social anxiety in a variety of situations. Therapy can help by improving confidence, teaching social skills, and helping you to communicate more effectively. During sessions, we’ll discuss difficult situations that have occurred since your last visit and how you responded. Then, you’ll partner with the therapist to find ways to improve upcoming social interactions. At the end of your session, your counselor may give you some “homework.” This is your opportunity to practice the skills you’re developing in the sessions when you interact with people in the real world. Over time, the skills you learn in therapy should improve your experience of daily life.

Let’s Get Started!

We know it can be intimidating to take this next step to schedule an appointment with our team. You may have had negative experiences with therapy in the past, you may be worried about stigma surrounding counseling, or you may just be worried. We get it. The good news is we can help you put some of those worries aside and start feeling like yourself again. When you’re ready, the Manatee Associates of Counseling & Assessment team is here for you.