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Christian Counseling

At Manatee Associates of Counseling & Assessment, our clinicians understand the importance of creating therapy solutions that take into account the individual’s whole self – mind, body, and spirit. For this reason, we often use treatment approaches that combine faith-based interventions with traditional talk therapy. If you’re interested in learning more about Christian counseling in Palmetto, FL, our team would love to hear from you.

Why Would I Consider Christian Counseling?

Christian counseling can be an appropriate therapy option in a variety of situations, including:

  • Improving relationships (familial, professional, and interpersonal)
  • Developing parenting skills
  • Navigating life transitions
  • Overcoming challenges like grief and loss, low self-esteem, or poor stress management
  • Dealing with difficult emotions like anxiety or depression
  • Improving faith life and developing spiritual strength

Are Christian Therapy Sessions & Traditional Counseling Different?

Traditional talk therapy sessions and Christian counseling sessions will be very similar. Your counselor will add Christian teachings and faith practices to a framework built from years of research and evidence supported therapy solutions. During your sessions, you’ll talk through areas of concern, approaches for increasing your emotional health and resilience, and how you can incorporate alignment with Christian teachings and practices into your in-session and at-home counseling plan. Outside of your sessions, attending church and participating in other activities with your parish community may be part of your therapy plan.

What are the Benefits of Christian Counseling?

If you want to improve any aspect of your life while growing in faith, Christian counseling is what you’re looking for. Faith-based therapy allows you to achieve mental, emotional, and behavioral health goals using evidence supported treatments while also increasing your knowledge of the Christian faith, developing deeper relationships with your church community, and learning to find more fulfillment and purpose every day.

Let’s Get Started!

We know it can be intimidating to take this next step to schedule an appointment with our team. You may have had negative experiences with therapy in the past, you may be worried about stigma surrounding counseling, or you may just be worried. We get it. The good news is we can help you put some of those worries aside and start feeling like yourself again. When you’re ready, the Manatee Associates of Counseling & Assessment team is here for you.