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Dr. Patricia S. Dixon


Compassionate Palmetto, Florida Psychologist

My life pursuits have been aimed at providing individuals assistance in their healing journey. I offer this assistance through the use of talking therapy, coaching, and sound therapy. I believe in wholistic treatment that integrates multiple modalities aimed at personal growth and development. We all face moments in life where we may feel stuck. This feeling of being stuck could be within ourselves, in our interpersonal relationships, our career, or simply in life overall. When we enter a season of feeling stuck it is so important to be reminded of the power we possess within to overcome things that seem unmanageable.

Life is full of storms, however, the storm is never meant to be your destination. Sometimes the storm is simply serving as transportation to your blessing. So if you find yourself feeling stuck in one of life’s storms, then it is time for you to sign up for my services. Let’s utilize a combination of therapy, coaching and sound to realign you with your life purpose so you can begin living a more intentional life.

One of the best ways to reach healing is through authenticity. Therefore, I place heavy emphasis on developing a genuine and authentic healing relationship. I approach the healing process with a client-centered focus and a lens of respect. I know that when people are seeking healing, they often come in with specific things they would like to discuss, and when they do, I follow that lead. When individuals enter this healing process uncertain of what they need, I empathically meet them where they are and together we identify needs and develop a specific plan that leads to personal development and growth.